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OK guys so today we are going to have a look at how you can drive traffic to your website using Instagram.

Because clearly Instagram is one of the major social media platforms nowadays, so clearly it would be a good source to tap into to get more visitors to your website.

So today we are going to discover 7 free and effective ways to use Instagram to drive  traffic to your website.

My name is Dave with Verpex.

So let’s get started.


[1] Leverage Your Instagram Bio Link

Ok so the first tip is the most obvious one, but funny enough it is often missed. And that is to include a LINK in your bio.

Now it doesn’t have to be your homepage. You can redirect them

  • A newly launched product page
  • A featured story
  • A new campaign page
  • A lead converting webpage

So let’s have a look at a few examples here.

[2] Method #2 – Use Instagram Shops to Tag Products

So if you sell products online, with the Instagram Shops feature, you can turn your Instagram account into an Online storefront by tagging your products and creating shoppable posts on Instagram.

So this is an amazing feature on its own. Now let me show you how this work.

[3] Adding Links to Your IGTV Posts

because now you can add clickable links directly to your IGTV post descriptions.

This simple hack is one of the best ways to drive your IGTV viewers to your business website, or other relevant links.

So the best approach to get more views from your IGTV posts is to add a call-to-action and a swipe up the link from your Instagram Stories.

BUT THAT’S NOT IT. You can also add a call-to-action on your IGTV title to attract clicks for your links in the description.

[4] Include Links to Instagram Stories

If you have 10K followers or a verified account. You can add direct links to your Instagram Stories! And I guarantee you that this feature is an instant game-changer and there are several ways to make it valuable for your brand.

Let me show you one example here:


[5] Leverage Instagram’s Direct Messages

Encourage your Instagram followers to start up a conversion with you through Instagram DMs.

But not only your followers, but you can also start the conversation by welcoming new ones to ask any relevant questions.

For this, you can create a pre-formatted message and use it to reply to every new joiner, this way you can avoid typing the same thing over and over.

Now obviously, make sure to monitor your inbox daily.

With Direct messages, you’ll also get a deeper understanding of your audience, and you will be able to link them to relevant pages of your website.


[6] the next one is linked to all of the previous methods we’ve just discussed and that is to Allow Push Notifications 

This is one of the best ways to increase your reach… And that is to encourage your followers to turn on Instagram push notifications for your Instagram posts, IGTV posts, and Instagram Stories.

For this, your audience must click on the “following button”, then enable the push notifications, and opt-in.

AND NOW they will receive notifications on their phone EVERY TIME you post new content on your Instagram profile.


[7] And our final methods is by Adding Instagram Profile Action Buttons

Now with this method you can determine the reason why someone is visiting your website. Is it for them to contact you? Book an appointment?  Or buy your products?

Now all these actions and more can be added directly to your Instagram profile.

Let me show you



So there you go guys, these are 7 free and effective ways to drive traffic to your website from Instagram.

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OK guys, so starting from the 1st of July 2022 I’m going to shift the focus of this channel a little bit 

So that means that instead of uploading purely dedicated web development tutorials, from now on I’m going to show you how you can turn any of these projects into cash. How you can make money from these online project. How to convert these web assets into tangible, constant income and revenue.







Well hello guys and welcome to the ULTIMATE Woocommerce tutorial.

And I call it the ULTIMATE because in we are going to cover ALL the possible scenarios you might face with Woocommerce and I’m going to provide you with the solution.

Which means that by the end of this video, you will be armed with all the tools and knowledge required to build any Woocommerce website and make a ton of money from it.

Now let me show you quickly what to expect in this tutorial:







OK guys so today we are going to discover another amazing feature which is part of our display rules widget.

Again, this is one of the most powerful display condition widget available on the market and most likely the only one you’ll ever need to insert visibility conditions on your website.

So today we are going to cover how to show or hide dynamic content, and this method will work with ACF, PODS and Toolset.

And this is part 3 of this series. So if you haven’t watched the previous 2 videos we’ll leave a link in the description.

My name is Dave from The Plus Addons for Elementor.

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Very good, so let’s get started.






So there you go guys, this is how powerful these display conditions are.

NOW we are open to your suggestions and if your favourite feature is missing, then feel free to add it to our roadmap so that we can hear about your great ideas.

And for this, simply go to and from there you can submit your suggestions. And we’d like to thank you in advance for your help and support.

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Social media platforms are a very effective way to drive traffic to your WordPress website BECAUSE let’s face it, if you wait on Google to push your content, well… you might be waiting or a long time.

So today we are going to cover 11 of the best WordPress plugins for social medias. 

My name is Dave with Verpex…

And as always, we’ll leave all the links in the description below.

Alright, so let’s get started.



OK so if you want to read more about these, feel free to visit our blog post… and as always we’ll leave the link in the description below.

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OK guys so today we are going to build a website for MrBeast so that people can order his burgers online. So this is a complete food ordering system, and the best part is that I made this website it using only FREE tools.

Now let’s see how much MrBeast thinks this is worth. 

So Jimmy, tell us, how much do you want to pay for this?







We would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone this morning.

Welcome to our Christian meeting.

Now as always, we start with a song.

Our chosen song this morning is song number 73 entitled: “Grant Us Boldness”.

And after the song, we’ll open with a prayer.

So let’s play song 73 first


Very good. So now we’re looking forward to a fine talk by Brother Chris Lyttle from the Sligo congregation.

And the title of his talk is “Maintain your confidence firm to the end”.

Brother Lyttle, you have our undivided attention.


Thank you very much Brother Lyttle for these great reminders.

We are very thankful for all the time and preparation gone into delivering such a fine talk.

Thank you very much indeed.

NEXT week, the title of our talk will be “How to cultivate peace in an angry world”.

So I’m sure we’re all looking forward to this as well.

NOW you are all welcome to stay for our Watchtower Study.

And for this, we’ll invite Brother Coulter who’s our Watchtower conductor.

Brother Coulter.